Prospective Students

Victory Through Honour Pole, UBC. Artist: Ellen Neel, Kwakwaka’wakw

This section provides information on opportunities and services available to Indigenous learners considering UBC Vancouver for undergraduate, professional and non-degree and certificate studies. It also directs you to information on alternative pathways to UBC, including important admissions information.

Among the opportunities and resources covered in this section, consider too that UBC Vancouver also offers:

First Nations Longhouse – Designed in the Coast Salish-style, the Longhouse is the perfect place for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people to share their knowledge, cultures, and traditions with one another, the wider UBC community, and the general public. Students are welcome to use the computer lab, study area, or hang out at the Indigenous Student Collegium, as well as access a range of supports and activities offered by the First Nations House of Learning.

Indigenous Faculty – UBC Vancouver has a number of Indigenous faculty members in various disciplines. These faculty members are actively involved in research, teaching, and administration, much of it with an Indigenous focus and substantial community engagement.

Indigenous Public Art – UBC Vancouver hosts a tremendous collection of world-class Indigenous art that is publicly accessible, from traditional to more contemporary forms. Individually and together these art pieces give the campus an Indigenous presence which complements the University’s commitment to Indigenous engagement.

Work Learn Program – The Work Learn Program UBC Vancouver provides students with the opportunity to work part-time with a faculty, department or unit while enrolled in their program. In addition to earning money, this is an excellent professional development opportunity. Consider too that many of the University’s Indigenous units often have openings during Winter and Summer sessions, and Aboriginal students are strongly encouraged to apply for these positions. This is in addition to many more all across the campus. The hiring periods are August 6-20 for the Winter Session and March 5-19 for the Summer Session. Be sure to watch for postings during these times.

Xwi7xwa Library – This unique branch of the UBC Main Library is situated adjacent to the Longhouse and is a centre for academic and community Indigenous scholarship. Xwi7xwa Library provides collections and services that reflect Indigenous approaches to teaching, learning and research.

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