Financial Planning & Awards

Regardless of what your goal is at UBC, it is good to have a plan in place. Having a financial plan can reduce your stress, which can help you succeed in your studies. There are people and resources available at UBC to support you to develop a financial plan and achieve your academic goals.

Financial Advising

From the beginning of your UBC journey until graduation, Enrolment Services Advisors are here to make sure you get the support you need, when you need it.  ES Advisors are your primary resource for financial planning while you’re at UBC.

They can work with you to create a financial plan based on your individual circumstances, and provide guidance on awards, scholarships, sponsorship, bursaries, and loan/grant opportunities to make sure you have what you need to thrive at UBC.  The hope is that once your financial concerns are met, you can focus on what you are here for: academic success.

ES Advisors work closely with other teams on campus (including the First Nations House of Learning, Academic Advising offices, and the Centre for Accessibility) which makes them a great place to start if you aren’t sure where to ask a question. If they don’t know the answer, they most likely know who does and can connect you with that person or office.

You can find the contact details of your Enrolment Services Advisor on the Student Service Centre by following this path: SSC > Personal Information > UBC Contacts

Academic and Personal Costs

There are a variety of costs associated with pursuing a post-secondary education. Many of these expenses can be anticipated beforehand, such as: tuition, housing, student fees, books, meals, child care, entertainment, and personal items. To get started on planning for expected costs, visit the Financial support for Indigenous Students website to review the different costs and financial resources available to you.

To help calculate your expenses at UBC, you can follow the UBC financial planning guide or use the online first-year cost calculator.

Funding Sources

There are many ways to fund your education at UBC. As a UBC student, you can request funds from several funding sources, depending on your situation. Here’s a list that could apply to you:

  • Band or Community Sponsorship
  • Government Student Loans and Grants
  • UBC Entrance Awards
  • UBC scholarships, awards and bursaries
  • External scholarships and bursaries

For detailed information on these financial resources and how to access them, please visit this website

Former youth in care waiver program

UBC is committed to supporting the academic and personal achievements of former and current youth in care. If you have have been a youth in care within British Columbia, you may be eligible for the UBC Post-Care Tuition Waiver Program or the BC Provincial Tuition Waiver Program.

Read program details

Emergency situations

Sometimes even with the best planning, the unexpected happens. If you find yourself in a financial emergency, or if you see an essential expense that you have not budgeted for, please contact your assigned Enrolment Services Advisor or the Enrolment Services’ Indigenous Student Support Team ( right away to discuss available options.

There may be short-term emergency funding available to support you.

What the emergency funds can cover:

  • Support with rent
  • Groceries
  • Medical costs
  • Tutoring
  • Technology
  • Other essential living expenses

What the emergency funds cannot cover:

  • Tuition
  • Student fees

If you need help, reach out

The Indigenous Student Support Team and Enrolment Services Advisors in Enrolment Services work closely with other teams on campus, including the First Nations House of Learning, Academic Advising offices, and the Centre for Accessibility, and so are well-positioned to help you with questions or direct you to who can.

All undergraduate students have an assigned Enrolment Services Advisor for personalized advising. If however you do not have an assigned advisor, please reach out to the Indigenous Student Support Team ( for help.

Enrolment Services’ Indigenous Student Support Team at UBC Vancouver

If you have an assigned Enrolment Services advisor, please contact them directly through phone or email. If you are an Indigenous prospective, undergraduate, graduate, or post-baccalaureate student, or community member, you can ask questions by emailing A member of Enrolment Services’ Indigenous Student Support Team will be happy to respond.

During the 2021-22 academic year, our team will also have drop-in advising for Indigenous students on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 2:30pm in the Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall. Advisors will either be sitting in the hall or just outside the main doors. If your concern is private or confidential, there is also a private office space that can be used for a conversation.

Please be sure to drop by and say hello or feel free to ask us any questions.

If you’re a UBC Okanagan student, please contact the UBCO Indigenous Student Advising Team.

Meet the Team

Updated: October 21, 2021