Stay Informed

To stay informed about events of interest to the Indigenous community (students, faculty, staff, and allies) at UBC, you are encouraged to engage with one or all of the following:

  • UBC First Nations Longhouse (Facebook) – News and information related to the Longhouse, the UBC Indigenous community, and UBC.
  • UBC First Nations Longhouse (Twitter) – Information on Indigenous initiatives and events at UBC, along with a bit of social commentary.
  • The Talking Stick – A weekly newsletter published during Winter Session that is automatically emailed to all new-to-UBC Indigenous students at the start of the academic year. It contains news, announcements, and events of interest to the Indigenous community at UBC.
  • Event Calendar – An online UBC event calendar hosted on the UBC Vancouver Indigenous Portal.

All of the above media channels are managed by the First Nations House of Learning.

Updated: November 4, 2022