Longhouse-Xwi7xwa Library 2053 Time Capsule

Call for Submissions

If you could speak to the UBC Indigenous community in the future, what would you say?

As part of the Longhouse and Xwi7xwa Library’s year-long 30th anniversary celebration, which includes monthly events and activities to mark this milestone, the First Nations House of Learning is creating a time capsule, to be opened on May 25th, 2053 – the 60th anniversary of the Longhouse’s official opening.

FNHL would like to invite current Indigenous students, faculty, staff and units to add an item to the capsule. Ideally, items will be personally meaningful, culturally significant, and or reflective of the Longhouse, Xwi7xwa Library or UBC Indigenous community today.

Due to limited space, items need to be reasonably small in size (less than 10 inches long by 3 inches high and wide) so that as many as possible fit into the capsule. Items may include:

  • Letter to future Indigenous students, staff and/or faculty
  • An object, memento or something similar
  • Photograph
  • Video
  • Document
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Gift to the 2053 UBC Indigenous community
  • Other item of your choice

If you would like to contribute an item, please send a brief description of what you’d like to put in the capsule to fnhl.assistant@ubc.ca. For digital items (e.g., letter, photograph), you can submit either an abstract, excerpt or full document. Note that if interest is high, a selection process will be created to determine successful proposals.

Once all items are collected, a time capsule ceremony will be held at the Longhouse on a date TBD.

Thank you for your interest.