Indigenous Graduation Celebration Spring 2022

UBC Indigenous Graduation Celebration Spring 2022
Credit: Martin Dee/UBC

On Saturday, May 28th, the First Nations House of Learning hosted a graduation celebration event at the First Nations Longhouse to honour 60 participating Indigenous graduates from the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 classes, from a combined total of 260 Indigenous graduates at UBC Vancouver.

Longhouse Ceremonial Door

The event saw Indigenous students walking through the Longhouse’s ceremonial door into Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall, whereupon each was acknowledged by a gathering of families and supporters as having transformed from student to graduate, after which they were honoured for their academic achievements.

This year’s event was webcasted live.  A recording of which is hosted here for your viewing pleasure.

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Event Recording














Updated: May 25, 2022