UBC Welcomes Dwayne Beaver & Lorne Cardinal to the Film Production Program

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This year, a new course is being offered with a special focus on First Nations Topics taught by Dwayne Beaver along with artist in residence, Lorne Cardinal. Dwayne Beaver, an award-winning director, writer and producer has been newly appointed the Rogers Teaching fellow. Cardinal , of “Corner Gas” fame, is here as the UBC Film Production Program’s first multicultural artist in residence through the Rogers Multicultural Film Production Project.

“What I like about this program is there is a deliberate intention to incorporate an Aboriginal voice into the content of the material” says Beaver of the First Nations Film Topics Course. Beaver will work closely with students to develop their short film projects from the writing stage all the way through to a screening event at the Longhouse. Along with his teaching at UBC, Beaver is currently an adjunct professor in the Capilano University Indigenous Independent Filmmakers Program.

“I think that the more Native people that actually write and produce our own stories the purer our voice is” says Cardinal on the need for more Aboriginal peoples getting involved in all aspects of new media, particularly film. Cardinal is part of a new initiative designed to bring in one globally recognized filmmaker annually to work with students, present a public lecture, and teach a master class for film students across the lower mainland. Along with his award-winning role as Sgt. Davis Quinton on Corner Gas, Cardinal has directed and acted in numerous productions both on-film and the stage.

This course will be offered again in January 2012. To apply for the course, to register, or to place yourself on the waitlist, please contact the UBC Film Production Program at film@interchange.ubc.ca

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