Elder Larry Grant Welcomes Students to Portal

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Larry Grant is a Musqueam elder, and the current Elder-In-Residence for the First Nations House of Learning. Born and raised in Musqueam traditional territory by a traditional henqeminem speaking Musqueam family, Larry worked for 4 decades as a tradesman before enrolling in the First Nations Languages Program. His time in the program revived his memory of the embedded value that the henqeminem language has to self-identity, kinship, culture, territory, and history prior to European contact. Larry is presently assisting in the revitalization of henqeminem and co-teaching the introductory henqeminem course. (See the FNLG site for more information).

As the Elder-In-Residence, Larry is available to meet and talk with students in the Longhouse about any concerns or issues they may have as Aboriginal students at UBC, or even if they would just like to chat with someone.

Larry can be contacted at musqueamlmag@yahoo.com.