Aboriginal Admissions Policy

UBC is committed to supporting First Nations, Métis and Inuit students, and has adopted an Aboriginal Admissions Policy for students who are not admitted under the standard admission process.

Under this policy, applications are sent to your degree of choice and to the First Nations House of Learning, who may consider your history, cultural knowledge, work experience, educational goals, and other achievements in determining your admissibility. They will review your academic history and Personal Profile to ensure that you are ready for university study. They will submit their recommendations back to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, who will notify you of their decision.

To be considered through the Aboriginal Admission Policy, you must be a Canadian Aboriginal applicant and self-identify as an Aboriginal person in the online application to UBC.

UBC Admissions: Aboriginal Students

If you have any questions about applying to UBC, contact:

Chett Monague
Recruiter Advisor, Aboriginal Students
(Okanagan & Vancouver)


For recruitment outreach activities, contact:

Teneille Shea
Community Liaison Manager, Aboriginal Students
(Okanagan & Vancouver)