President’s Advisory Committee on Indigenous Affairs

The Aboriginal Strategic Plan called for the formation of a community-based advisory group to provide ongoing input on Aboriginal affairs and to evaluate work on the plan as it progresses. Subsequent to the approval of the ASP, the President’s Advisory Committee on Aboriginal Affairs was formed. This committee meets three times a year. Members serve on this committee for two year terms, and though members offer extensive experience based on the work have done, they serve as private individuals and not as representatives of organizations. The committee recently changed its name from Aboriginal Affairs to Indigenous Affairs.

Committee Members

  • Ms Leslie Bonshor
  • Chief Wayne Christian
  • Ms DeDe DeRose
  • Mr Larry Grant
  • Ms Lynda Gray
  • Ms Deanna Nyce
  • Mr Gordon Prest
  • Ms Leona Sparrow
  • Ms Kory Wilson

Page Modified: October 30, 2019