FNHL welcomes new associate director

Dr. Joely Viveiros

The First Nations House of Learning is pleased to welcome Dr. Joely Viveiros as its new associate director.

Dr. Viveiros is from the Gitxsan Nation with ties to the Xenaksiala people of the Haisla Nation. She is a graduate of UBC’s Audiology program and holds a doctoral degree in Audiology from A.T. Still University. Prior to her new role at UBC, she operated a private audiology practice in Terrace, B.C. for 25 years, where she also raised a family.

Joely’s grandfather (Great Uncle), Cecil Paul (Wax’aid), was an author and environmental protector for the Kitlope, as part of the Kitlope Heritage Conservancy. Her other grandfather, Joe Daniels, was an active member of the Northern Native Brotherhood, and is the one who fueled her passion for Indigenous issues and representation.

“We look forward to Dr. Joely Viveiros joining the FNHL team. She brings 25 years of managerial experience and current Board experience at Community Living BC. Her skillset will be invaluable to the position,” Dr. Margaret Moss, director of the First Nations House of Learning, said.

Joely’s personal interests include ensuring Indigenous people obtain a post-secondary education and receive equitable healthcare.