SAGE – Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement

SAGE – Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement – is a province-wide, inter-institutional, peer-support/faculty-mentoring educational program. The program supports Aboriginal students to make significant educational and social change using research, Indigenous knowledge, and community oriented approaches. Non-Aboriginal graduate students engaged in Indigenous research are also encouraged to participate in SAGE.

SAGE Goals are to:
• Increase the numbers of PhD/EdD Aboriginal and Indigenous students/graduates
• Assist all Indigenous students transitioning to master’s and doctoral programs
• Develop graduates with a cultural and community consciousness to positively affect change within Indigenous communities
• Support the academic success and cultural affirmation of students by linking their academic graduate research with culturally-informed mentors
• Establish and encourage mentorship pods and cohorts across the province in post-secondary institutions
• Create network opportunities and community- building for graduate students participating within and among pods/cohorts
• Collaborate with post-secondary institutions across Canada and beyond to foster new SAGE opportunities on national and international levels.

The SAGE program operates on the principles of respect, reciprocity, relationships and responsibility.
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