New Course: Living Our Indigenous Languages Through Performative Arts

Indigenous peoples throughout their lifetime often reside in many geographical areas that are not their traditional homeland or territory, due to many reasons. However, in such a globalized world, the application of multimedia technology provides for immediate access and connection to linguistic and cultural knowledge.

This class demonstrates how song and dance are used to perpetuate one’s language and culture, based on my experience with learning and teaching hula (Hawaiian dance) in Hawaiʻi, Oregon, Arizona, and now in Vancouver, BC. Hula is a constant reminder of the many facets of language and culture that are deeply embedded in the mele (song), steps and motions that are often overlooked and under utilized as a form of education.

Students will engage in multiple microteaching lessons, which are short mini-lesson that exposes students to an immersive Hawaiian language environment, while learning Hawaiian history, culture, language, hula and mele. This wealth of knowledge is captured in a short span of time, which can be transferable to other Indigenous languages.

LLED 565D/951 – Living Our Indigenous Languages Through Performative Arts
Instructor: Candace Galla

Jul 3-Jul 20, 2012
Times: MTWRF 1:30 PM-4:30 PM